My philosophy is that in order to succeed at your fitness goals you must structure everything around your goal in a way that you just can’t fail. For example when a person wants to exercise or lose weight, it doesn’t make sense to create an exercise program that requires coming to the gym 7 days a week, two hours a day. Very few people can keep up with this kind of program in the long run. Most people who try this will do it for a short period of time and then just quit and feel bad about “failing”. However exaggerated that kind of program seems, it is not too far from what many people believe they must do.

A good, sound exercise program geared for success must be fast, require as few days at the gym as possible and at the same time be extremely effective. Using exercises that provide Maximum Neuromuscular Activation we can design programs that provide maximum results in minimum time. You need shorter workouts, need to work out less often, and get astonishing results.

I also believe that a personal trainer must be more than just someone who knows how to push people. A trainer must know how to teach people how to work out. Most people want to know the basics of fitness. It doesn’t mean they want to be experts, but most people want to know enough so that they would feel safe working out on their own if they ever needed to.

My third belief is that you can’t separate health and fitness from one another. Beyond teaching the client how to work out, a good personal trainer must teach the client how to live a healthy life. This includes everything from nutrition to mental health to teaching them how to live a lifestyle that supports being healthy.

And my final belief is that you must give the client what he/she wants. Some people want a hard workout, to be pushed to their limit.  Some people just want to be in shape.  Some people want to learn how to work out while some people just want you to put them through workouts.  Some people want to learn about nutrition  while some already have a nutrition program they follow. Rather than imposing his beliefs on someone, a good trainer must be able to tailor a program that gives the client what he or she wants without compromising the trainers core beliefs.

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